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In 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 we received Houzz’s “Best of Houzz” award.

For more than a quarter century,

Integrity Luxury Homes

Integrity Luxury Homes has been custom-building premier homes for Arizona residents. We help take you through the entire building process step by step.

Giving you a home

Reliable  Service and Creativity

you can be proud of and want to stay in throughout your life is our number one priority.
Superior craftsmanship and a commitment to quality go into every home we build.

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Watch the demo video to see just a few of the ways our online client access keeps you in touch and well-informed during the construction of your new home.

Whether you are at home, at work, on the road, or on vacation, Integrity Luxury Homes puts information at your fingertips about your selections, upgrades, financial decisions, questions, documents, photos, and more.

Luxury Home Building Management

  • When it comes to building luxury homes, a simple contractor and home builder will not do. Integrity Luxury Homes will assign you an architect that specializes in custom, luxury homes- and together you and them will turn that dream to reality. We have the latest and most advanced luxury home software to give us the blueprints to your future home- you will see your dream form before your very eyes and also see where your imagination and dreams even held you back! When you combine our luxury home architects, our software, and you the dreamer- we’ll build an estate you’ll be proud to show off or simply just privately live in! You will surely never want to leave, and with the luxury homes we build you’ll never have to!
  • Once you and your architect have drawn up the blueprints for your luxury home, it will then be time to start picking out high end materials and textiles. This part of the custom home building is often the homeowner’s favorite, but most challenging part. That’s why we also have design experts, and of course our own advice and opinions for what has worked and looked the best in past projects. You’ll never be left to figure anything out on your own- we’ll walk you through the entire process with unlimited support and options. When it comes to luxury home building in Arizona- you deserve the highest quality, the highest attention to detail, and the highest amount of support and resources to help make the tough decisions.
  • While we provide superior service to our clients, we also are close in proximity to the building site and our offices! While this might seem like a small detail- to us it’s of the upmost importance. Having close and constant access to the building site in a city the size of Scottsdale and Phoenix is important. Our design team will need to make numerous and daily trips to check the progress and quality of the build. Integrity Luxury Homes prides ourselves in providing realistic and clear deadlines- and we do everything we can to meet those deadlines. We will provide constant and frequent communication with you and what stage the project is at- so you’re never left to wonder. We understand building a luxury home has anxieties, and stresses and it’s our job to help alleviate those so you can enjoy the process of building your dream, luxury home! Because we know that weather happens, or things out of our control that can affect the process of building- we will always communicate clearly and effectively with you so you are aware of any changes in deadlines. However, we do everything in our power (long days and nights etc.) to meet that deadline without affecting the quality of your luxury home. Making sure you are always involved in the process, but not stressed is one of our top goals!!


When you decide to build a luxury home in Arizona, especially in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area, it’s crucial you are assigned a skilled and experienced contractor to oversee the entire process. We will help you in picking the right contractor that can get the luxury job done!

When picking a contractor for your luxury home project- it’s important to look for a few things.

  • Always review the contractor’s portfolio and references. With how everyone is online now, it should be easy to find their reviews and input about their work. Look them up on google places, Bing, Facebook, and as always call past clients and ask about the overall experience.
  • Ask the contractor about contracts- the contract options will affect overall cost of the luxury home. Though we know some luxury homes spare no cost, you want to still make sure the contractor is experienced in luxury home building.
  • Make sure that the contractor will be honest, realistic, and always a team player. This will help the process be and enjoyable one- you want facts and numbers, but you also want your contractor just as excited as you are about the flooring and countertop- this truly makes the luxury home building process a dream- exactly how you always imagined it would be!
  • Make sure the contractor has your dreams, and visions as the top priority. This is a luxury home- not a cookie cutter starter home that was put up in two days. Your personal style, tastes, and dreams are what will make this home a dream and truly a luxury. You want a contractor that will understand you and the architects vision- and do everything he or she can do make that a reality without forsaking quality. If there’s something that simply cannot be accomplished because of building laws or it would undermine the integrity of the home- you want a contractor that is not afraid to be honest- and then help you find the next best, or even better option.
  • Details- you want your contractor overseeing every detail- from paint color options to flooring and countertops. Nothing should be missed by the contractor- you should be able to call at a moment’s notice and ask where a project is at- and he or she should always have an answer for you.
  • The last, and one of the most important things, is to ask the builder about their follow up services. This is what the contractor will do after the project is completed. If there’s been damage from a storm you simply can’t trust anyone with a luxury home- so picking a contractor that can come back to do repairs is crucial in keeping the value of the home up.


  • Integrity Luxury Homes loves combining the culture and history of Arizona with your dreams to build the luxury home you’ve always wanted! Here in Scottsdale and Phoenix, we offer six custom and completely unique styles and designs for you to choose from. Within those six designs and architectural styles- you will be able to choose every detail- this will produce a luxury home that nobody else has!!! From materials like iron doors to keep out the heat, to flooring and the latest and greatest when it comes to technology- you’ll have a plethora of unlimited choices!! Our Design options are as follows


Tell Us About Your Project
The True and Authentic Southwestern Design

Living in Arizona, a lot of luxury homes represent our culture of the southwest. This includes styles that are inspired by Indian homes that were at the Mexican border. You’ll see Spanish accents, rugged but simple designs like flat roofs and curved edges with wood galore! Earth tones are typically the color schemes you see in the luxury homes of the southwest- and textiles with Aztec patterns.

The Perfect Balance of Class and Style

These French Provincial luxury built homes are even, symmetrical and manor styled homes. Here you will find copper and slate as the main accent, and the bedrooms will be separated from the main living space- typically on the ends of the house. Windows will be even on all sides to make the home feel balanced and centered.





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